The First ACD Ministerial Meeting on Tourism

The first the Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) ministerial meeting on tourism was held on 29-30 August in the northwestern Iranian city of Tabriz, East Azerbaijan province, in a bid to expand cooperation among the member states. In alignment with realizing this desire, Islamic Republic of Iran toward bringing about more cohesive common bonds among Asian communities and in order to fortify the visions and aims of the Asia Cooperation Dialogue will hold the Ministerial Meeting on Tourism to be attended by key representatives from the tourism sectors. This meeting aims to unify and forge common grounds of cooperating regulations and to increase the level of cooperation in the ancient continent of Asia. While focusing on the future prospective of the tourism industry in Asia, this meeting will work on required functional and structural bases mostly needed for sustainable development of the tourism sector within the framework of the Asian Cooperation Dialogue.

The meeting was scheduled for two days. On the first day, senior officials met to discuss, share ideas on the issue and prepare the documents which were handed over to the Ministerial meeting held on the following day.