ACD Business Conference & Young Entrepreneur Innovation Summit

ACD Business Conference & Young Entrepreneur Innovation Summit (hereinafter referred to as the ACD Business Conference) was successfully held in Fuzhou, China on May 17, 2016. The ACD Business Conference attracted keen interest and warm response and was attended by many representatives of business associations and entrepreneurs of ACD member states. A total of 500 people from 73 business groups in 24 ACD member states attended the ACD Business Conference, with many senior government leaders and VIP guests of ACD member states attended the conference and took part in relevant activities.

By attending the conference, visiting ACD Image Exhibition, taking part in business tours and other activities, the business representatives of the ACD member states enhanced mutual understanding and communication, thus laying a good foundation for future cooperation. During the ACD Business Conference, the conference secretariat launched a number of business sessions for participating enterprises, so did the participating ACD member countries.

The ACD Business Conference was extensively covered by Chinese and foreign media. Television channels, radio, newspapers, internet media, micro-blog, Wechat and other new media reported conference activities, thus raising the profile of ACD. In short, the successful ACD Business Conference will greatly boost public-business sector cooperation among ACD member states.