Workshop on Promotion and Standardization of Biofuels in Jakarta

29-30 Oct 2014

The workshop on Promotion and Standardization of Biofuels was attended by government officials from ACD member countries. The meeting also invited the participation of private sectors and other relevant organizations or associations.

The meeting was held at Hotel Aryaduta, Jakarta on 29-30 October 2014.

The objective of the workshop on Promotion and Standardization of Biofuels are:

  1. To examine current status, future prospects, and possible investment opportunities in utilization of biofuels of ACD member countries.
  2. To encourage partnership between ACD member countries.
  3. To exchange information in technology and policy related to the utilization of biofuels.
  4. To create a joint vision on the future of biofuels in ACD member countries.


  1. Strengthen cooperation program among ACD member countries in the field of biofuels in a well concept, well manage, well prepared and can be implemented.
  2. Encourage member countries that have competitive advantage biofuels activities to share their experiences and best practices with other member that are needed through capacity building programs.
  3. Increasing communication and sharing information among ACD Member countries.