Forum on “One Belt and One Road” Cooperation & Asia Business Conference.

17-19 May 2015

The forum was held in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province of China on 18 May 2015. Vice ministerial or director –general level officials from the foreign ministries and relevant departments, Ambassadors /representatives of ACD MISSIONS IN China as well as experts and scholars in related fields were invited to the meeting...

Following the proposal called Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road (or referred to as (“One Belt and One Road”) from President Xi Jinging in 2013 ,this One Belt and One Road initiative has attracted international attention and been warmly received by relevant countries. As the initiator of the One Belt and One Road ,China is now enthusiastically working on promoting ,strengthening and concretizing their initiative, and the ACD Forum on One Belt and One Road Cooperation &Asia Business Conference is one of China`s attempts to promote the development of the said initiative.

The Forum aimed to serve as a platform for discussion on how ACD can explore ways to link the ACD and the One Belt and One Road Initiative –as well as the ways ACD and our Member States can prosper from such initiative.

At the end of the meeting, the ACD Secretary General delivered a closing remark highlighting the major connection between ACD and the New Silk Road initiative .He moved on by proposing that, since the thirty-three ACD Member States covers the New Silk Road’s footprints, ACD could be a platform to discuss ways and methods for turning the Vision and Action Plans of One Belt and One Road initiative into tangible results. The Secretary General also proposed that the next ACD meeting should be focused on exploring the ways and means to standardize and harmonize rules and regulations concerning free movement of economic factors, which include trade in goods, services, finance and capital, investment, and semi-skilled or skilled – labours.