ACD Conference towards Energy Security, Sustainability and Resiliency and the 2nd ACD Energy Working Group Meeting, Bohol, Philippines

08 August 2017

ACD Conference towards Energy Security, Sustainability and Resiliency took place on 7-8 August 2017 at Be Grand Hotel, Bohol, the Philippines.

In support of this pillar and as our input to the updated ACD Energy Action Plan, the Philippines conducted the ACD Conference Towards Energy Security, Sustainability and Resiliency in Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines. The Conference aims to gather energy policy makers in the region to discuss latest developments in their respective countries based on the proposed Thematic Sessions. The Conference is designed to bring expert speakers from International Organizations setting the tone for discussions to be followed by Discussant Countries to provide updates in their respective countries. Further, the Conference aims to encourage discussions in identifying new cooperation initiatives that may be implemented in the ACD region.

Specifically, the Conference aims to promote information exchange and sharing of best practices on energy policies, plans and programs among ACD Member States, as well as drive investments in the following priority areas: 1) Renewable Energy and Clean Energy; 2) Natural Gas as Transition Fuel; 3) Low Carbon Future Thru Clean Energy Technologies; 4) Emerging Role of Nuclear Energy, and 5) Energy Connectivity and Market Integration. And to protect our energy systems against the effects of the changing weather patterns and extreme climate changes, the Conference will share emerging information and experiences on building energy sector resilience as a new area of interest especially among countries at the highest risk.

The 2nd ACD Energy Working Group Meeting, Bohol, Philippines

The 2nd ACD Energy Working Group Meeting was convened back to back to the ACD Conference towards Energy Security, Sustainability and Resiliency on the 9 August 2017. The Working Group adopted, discussed the work of the Interrelation of Food, Energy and Water Security Pillar with the key outcomes as follow:

  1. Activities and Planning under the Current Energy Action Plan:
    • It is agreed to proceed on the activities under the Current Energy Action Plan adopted at the 12th ACD Ministerial Meeting in Manama in 2013.
    • Member states will send to the ACD Secretariat the progress report of activities implementation and plan up to the completion of this Current Energy Action Plan (year 2018).
    • The progress report will be presented at the ACD Foreign Ministers’ Meeting, a side meeting to the UNGA 72 in New York to be hosted by Iran on 21 September 2017.
  2. New Action Plan for Interrelation of Food, Energy and Water Security 2019-2023
    • It is agreed that the New Action Plan 2019-2023 will be in accordance with the Abu Dhabi Declaration that adopt the interrelation of food, energy and water security.
    • Draft Action Plan 2019-2023 should be finalized in time to propose for consideration and recommendations from the 16th Ministerial Meeting during the first half of year 2018 and be adopted by Leaders at the 3rd Summit, second half of year 2018.
  3. The Pillar’s Coordination Mechanism
    • It is agreed that the pillar will have a coordinating structure of
      1. Working Group Meeting: an open-ended forum for Prime, Co-Prime and interested member states to discuss action plans and carry out activities as encouraged by the Abu Dhabi Declaration. The Working Group Meeting is where the crucial decisions are made and will be held annually.
      2. Steering Committee: a technical coordinating forum between the eight Prime and Co-Prime Movers (China, the UAE, Bahrain, Bangadesh, Indonesia, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia and Viet Nam). The Steering Committee will meet, either physical meeting or skype/conference call, at least twice a year to discuss technical issues including the drafting of the New Action Plan.
    • It is agreed that a focal point for the Pillar’s coordination will be nominated to the ACD Secretariat within 10 days after the completion of this Meeting
  4. Next host
    • The Chair announced that Malaysia and Indonesia pledged their interests in being the host of the 3rd and 4th Working Group in 2018 and 2019 respectively.