ACD High-Level Meeting on Asia Academic Collaboration, Bangkok, Thailand

The 2nd ACD High-Level Roundtable Meeting of ACD University Network (ACD-UN) was considered as a continuation and follow up of the 1st ACD High Level Roundtable Meeting on Academic Collaboration held in 2016 which has successfully established the ACD-UN and subsequently endorsed at the 14th ACD Ministerial Meeting and the 2nd ACD Summit Meeting in Bangkok, 2016 through the Secretariat of ACD. The meeting has identified 5 key activities under the ACD University Network; ACD University Network Coordination Committee (ACD-UNCC), ACD Research Network (ACD-RN), ACTS Task Force, ACD MBA and ACD Student Leadership Institute (ACD-SLI).

The 2nd ACD High-Level Roundtable Meeting was originally scheduled to held in Seoul and hosted by EWHA WOMANS UNIVERSITY. However, due to sudden change of university leadership caused by local political situation, the venue was changed to Bangkok.

The 2nd ACD-UN meeting attracted 50 participants coming from 19 countries, namely Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Russia, Thailand, Turkey, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Greece, and Kuwait.

The ACD-UN coordinating room was established at Siam University by the meeting to be the centre of coordination between universities in the network.

The meeting concluded with the outcomes of the 2nd ACD High-Level Roundtable Meeting of ACD University Network (ACD-UN) which will be reported to the next ACD Ministerial Meeting and Summit respectively.