• 17th ACD Ministerial Meeting (Virtual)

    21 January 2021

  • ACD Tourism Dialogue
    21 January 2021
    “ACD Tourism Dialogue: Mitigating COVID-19 Impacts Towards Sustainable and Inclusive Tourism” virtual Conference organized by the Republic of Indonesia on 10th November 2020
  • 18th Anniversary of the Asia Cooperation Dialogue
    18th June 2020
    This year marks the 18th Anniversary of the ACD since it was founded on this day of June 2002 to form an inter-governmental grouping, aiming to promote the Asian cooperation to become an Asian Community.
  • ACD Workshop on Education
    13th- 14th March 2019
    The ACD Workshop on Education was held from 13th- 14th March 2019 at Qatar Foundation Headquarters, Doha, Qatar. The two-day meeting is part of the activities led by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) during the State of Qatar’s presidency of the Forum.
  • International Conference of Hamedan as the “ACD Tourism Capital, 2018”
    27-29 August 2018
    The International Conference of Hamedan as the “ACD Tourism Capital, 2018” will be held during 27-29 August 2018 in Hamedan, the Islamic Republic of Iran. Please visit for more information on the event.

The Republic of Turkey

The Republic of Turkey is the Chair of Asia Cooperation Dialogue for the year 2019-2020